Born in Tirana, Albania in 1972, Ervin Dhimo’s love of music developed naturally in a house where his father’s paintings, mother’s strength, and brother’s musicianship abounded.

After completing one year at the Conservatory of Music in Tirana, he moved to Athens, Greece and began his bass studies at Philippos Nakas Conservatory. There he met his mentor and friend Yiotis Kiurtsoglou, an international bass master who introduced Ervin to the music of Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Bill Evans and Jaco Pastorius. It was at this time in Ervin’s life when he began to understand and appreciate the depth of jazz.

In 1998 Ervin graduated from Nakas Conservatory and received a scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts USA. After graduating from Berklee in 2000 with a concentration in Performance, he quickly became one of the most sought after and influential bass players in the New England area, sharing the stage with talented musicians such as Bruce Bartlett, Steve Hunt, Bob Gulloti, Herman Jonhson, Pat Loomis, Frank Willkins, Leo Genovese, Steve Langone, Will Hudgins, and many others.  

He also studied with the Guru of Jazz Charlie Banacos.


His many performance credits includes invitations to:

  • Pristina Jazz Festival, Pristina Kosovo 2013

  • Tirana International Jazz & World Music Festival, Tirana Albania 2013

  • Apollonia Jazz Festival, Fier Albanian 2013

  • Berklee Percussion Festival, Berkee Performance Center, Boston Massachusetts, United States 2012

  • Berklee Percussion Days, Boston Massachusetts  United States 2012 

  • Salem Jazz Festival, Salem, Massachusetts, United States, 2010

  • InterAct4 @ Take Five Jazz Club in Tirana, Albania, 2008

  • Boston Jazz Festival VIP Tent (2007)

  • Tirana Jazz Festival (2006, Tirana, Albania)

  • Bean Town Jazz Festival (2003)

  • Boston Jazz Festival (2002)

  • Chicago Jazz Festival (2001)

  • Berklee Performance Center (summer sessions)

  • Various Jazz Clubs, such as Ryles Jazz Club and Bob the Chef’s

  • Various New England Blues Festivals

  • Stand-in performances at Foxwoods Casino and Providence RI’s The Black Rep

    He remains active and available for studio sessions, performance stand-ins, and private lessons.